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Use Cases and Industries

Trusted globally to automate data capture and flight across any use case and industry.

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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Mapping, facade inspections, and progress documentation for architecture, engineering, and construction projects. Capture data for creating orthomosaics, point clouds, and 3D models.

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Energy - Generation, Distribution, Storage

Inspect power plants, solar farms, wind turbines, transmission and distribution infrastructure, pipelines, storage tanks and much more with Facade and Map missions.

Agriculture and Forestry

Fly mapping missions for agriculture and farming use cases. Easily enable terrain follow, import boundaries, set oblique camera angles, or combine multiple map missions together.

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Telecom | Cell Towers Scanlink Solution

Scale consistent data capture around cell towers to create digital twins. Fly orbits, columns, or spirals, around monopoles, lattice self-supports, and guyed towers. Setup custom capture specifications and deploy across pilot networks.

Roofing and Insurance

Fly grid flight patterns and orbits for roof inspections, property management or insurance documentation. Slow down capture speed, or stop to take the highest quality photos.

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Marketing, Film and Gaming

Create custom, repeatable multi-waypoint missions for videography use cases and get the perfect shot. Use mapping, facade and inspection features for capturing scenes to create realistic 3D models.

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