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Scanlink for Telecom

Streamline cell tower data capture for creating high quality digital twins.

scanlink with controller.png

Tower Data Capture for 3D Modeling

Fly automated cell tower missions optimized to capture all the data required for 3D modeling. Support for orbits, columns, and spirals around monopoles, lattice self-supports and guyed towers.

cell tower 3D model 3.png
3D model example.png

Produce Consistent Results and Reduce Time On-Site

Use automation to ensure the correct data is captured the same way every time, ensuring that you can produce high quality data processing results. Minimize the need to re-fly sites that were not correctly captured.

How Does Scanlink Work?

Pilots follow simple step-by-step instructions to setup each tower site using the drone. Then Dronelink generates the mission based on your unique capture requirements and then pilots run the mission.

mission setup.png
scanlink drones.png

Recommended Drones and Devices

The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise is the ideal drone, with a fast mechanical shutter, allowing for faster flight times without compromising quality. Other drones are supported but will produce lower quality results and require more time on-site.

Custom Capture Specifications

Create one or multiple capture specifications for varying requirements. Choose between orbits, columns, and spirals, set image overlaps, fly one or multiple camera angles, configure sample distance, or add a orthomosaic or 360 pano.

cell tower 3d preview 2.png

Real-Time Adjustments, Obstacles, and Resuming

Powerful features from years of experience flying towers. Add obstacles to better image the compound, adjust the EV, yaw, altitude, and drone position during flight, recenter the tower after battery swaps, and intelligent resuming around obstacles.

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