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Mission Planner

Create and edit mission plans.

Maps, Waypoints, Orbits,  Panos. 

Preview in 3D before flight.

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Create from a Template

Start by placing a map, waypoint, or orbit mission template at a new location and edit to make it your own.


Create from an Example

Start by copying an example mission to a new location; maps with orbits, cinematic shots, multi-pano missions...


Edit Mission Plans

Customize missions to make them your own. Adapt to your location, change main settings, and lots more.

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Preview in 3D Before Flight

Preview your missions in 3D with a simulated drone and know what to expect before autonomous flight.

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Link Multiple Mission Types

Combine Maps, Orbits, Waypoints, Panos, Facades, all into One Mission


Create and Edit on Mobile

Mission Plan in the Mobile App. Optimized for both portrait and landscape editing.

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Synchronized Across All Devices

Mission plans are updated real-time across all devices. Edit on a computer, tablet, or phone.

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Plan with a Simulated Drone

Use a simulated drones field of view 3D preview to create new missions with the framing you want.


Create No-Fly Restriction Zones

Create no-fly restriction zones around obstacles for safer inspection missions and resuming multi-battery missions. 


Export and Play in Google Earth

Export missions to Google Earth to preview the flight path in 3D and fly the simulated drone tour

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Create from an Import

Create new missions by importing KML / KMZ files, and

Litchi CSV missions.

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Discover or Create Reusable Components

Use existing or create your own reusable mission plan components that you can quickly drop into new plans.

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