Drone Flight

Dronelink automates your Mavic Mini in all kinds of ways, including waypoint missions.

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See what you can do with your Mavic Mini combined with Dronelink.


Get the best shots on the first try to produce pro-grade videos.

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Automation for Every Drone

Full Support For Mavic Mini Including Waypoints

As a result of Dronelink's custom flight controller, we are able to leverage the DJI SDK that was just enhanced for the Mavic Mini and offer functionality including waypoints.

Planning & Testing

Rise and Reveal Plus POI

Real-life example of flight planning and why autonomous software solutions like Dronelink are excellent, even if you are an excellent pilot.

In-Field Wizard

On The Fly Functions

Dronelink enables you to make missions on the fly while outside flying your drone. No need to bring your laptop in the field because all you need is your drone and mobile device. These on the fly functions let you use your drone to mark certain points of interest which allows to generate geo rectified missions.

Full 3D Fly Throughs

Google Earth Integration

Dronelink allows you to export to Google Earth to play through your mission before ever going outside. This allows you to dial-in your flight plan using Google high resolution terrain models which saves precious battery time when you are actually outside getting your shot.

Flying With Native App

First Mission Creation and Testing

Dronelink allows you to quickly make simple flight plans and also lets you easily test them right in your browser.

Camera Controls

Controlling the Camera within Paths

Easily learn how to make powerful camera movements to get pro-grade shots. This is one of the best features in Dronelink you should become to master quickly.

Dronelink 101

The Complete Series

Here is the complete series for our Dronelink 101 tutorials. We recommend everyone goes through so you get the most of your Dronelink account, but most important, you learn how to harness all the features to get the best shot possible every time, the first time.